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Centrum Women 50+ 60s
Centrum Women 50+ 60s

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Centrum Centrum Women 50+ 60s

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  • More vitamin B6* & B12* and folic acid* that maintains your energy. -contains vitamin C,E and zinc that maintains your immune system. -provides calcium and vitamin D* for bone health-a tablet a daily that provides you with nutrients needed daily from A to Zinc for 50+. *Compare with Centrum Men, 103% more vitamin B6, 59% more B12, 25% more vitamin D & 13% more folic acid 
  • Adult one tablet daily. 
Vitamin A 2000IU, Vitamin C 108mg,Vitamin D 500 IU, Vitamin K1 45μg, Vitamin B1 3.8mg, Vitamin B2 3.5mg, Niacinamide 12.6mg, Vitamin B6 10.8mg, Folic acid 612 μg DFE, Vitamin B12 31.5μg, Biotin 40.5 μg, 泛Pantothenic acid 10.8mg,Calcium 252mg, Iron 5.4mg, Iodine 117 μg, Magnesium 57.6mg, Selenium 49. 5μg, Copper 0.45mg, Manganese 2.7mg, Chromium 90 μg, Molybenum 45μg, Lutein 1080 μg, Lycopene 270 μg 

Vitamin A 2000IU< span>,< span> Vitamin C 108mg< span>,< span>Vitamin D 500 IU< span>,< span> Vitamin K1 45< span>μ< span>g< span>,< span> Vitamin B1 3.8mg< span>,< span> Vitamin B2 3.5mg< span>,< span> Niacinamide 12.6mg< span>,< span> Vitamin B6 10.8mg< span>,< span> Folic acid 612 < span>μ< span>g DFE< span>,< span> Vitamin B12 31.5< span>μ< span>g< span>,< span> Biotin 40.5 < span>μ< span>g< span>,< span> 泛< span>Pantothenic acid 10.8mg< span>,< span>Calcium 252mg< span>,< span> Iron 5.4mg< span>,< span> Iodine 117 < span>μ< span>g< span>,< span> Magnesium 57.6mg< span>,< span> Selenium 49. 5< span>μ< span>g< span>,< span> Copper 0.45mg< span>,< span> Manganese 2.7mg< span>,< span> Chromium 90 < span>μ< span>g< span>,< span> Molybenum 45< span>μ< span>g< span>,< span> Lutein 1080 < span>μ< span>g< span>,< span> Lycopene 270 < span>μ< span>g< span> < p>

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